From the Vault

— From The Vault – Stephen Mirrione, ACE

From the Vault – Thelma Schoonmaker, ACE

Three time Academy Award winning film editor, Thelma Schoonmaker, ACE, discusses her editing of AVIATOR and THE DEPARTED from Invisible Art/Visible Artists panels in 2005 and IAVA 2007. She earned Academy Awards for both films.
Courtesy: Allan Holzman, ACE

From The Vault – Petro Scalia, ACE

Petro Scalia, ACE  – Editor, “Gladiator”, Invisible Art/Visible Artists (IAVA) Panel, 2001 (5m)
FROM THE VAULT presented by Allan Holzman, ACE

From The Vault – Terry Rawlings, ACE

The clips of Terry Rawling are from his Lifetime Achievement Interview, shot in the Alfred HItchcock Theater on the day he received the award Feb 19, 2006 at Universal Studios. Editor of ALIEN, BLADERUNNER, CHARIOTS OF FIRE. These videos are provided by Allan Holzman, ACE.