For Your Consideration Ads

Online Advertising Opportunities 

Available to film/television/digital content producers to promote a “For Your Consideration advertisement. Our online audience includes members and other eligible submitters and voters during the nomination and ballot periods for the ACE Eddie Awards , the Oscars, Emmys, DGA Awards, CAS Awards and MPSE Golden Reel Awards.  The Eddie awards have been said to be a predictor for Oscar winners.

For inquiries regarding digital advertising, please contact Peter Zakhary

Platinum Package
(or $4649/wk)

2 Slides on ACE Home Page
2 Slides on CE Home Page
2 Slides on Eddie Pages

Gold Package
(or $2598/wk)
1 Slide on ACE Home Page
1 Slide on CE Home Page
1 Slide Eddie Pages
1 Ad on CE Sidebar
1 Ad on Eddie Pages Sidebar

Silver Package
(or $1427/wk)

1 ACE Home Page Leaderboard
1 CE Home Page Leaderboard
1 Ad on Eddie Pages Slider

Bronze Package
(or $887/wk)
1 ACE Home Page Leaderboard
1 Ad CE Header
1 Ad on Eddie Pages Sidebar

Custom packages are available upon request.


Homepage Slider

  • 1450w x 575h
  • $3000/mo or $1000/wk
  • SOV: 20%

Homepage Leaderboard

  • 1450w x 125h
  • $1500/mo or $500/wk
  • SOV: 25%

Eddie Pages

Eddie Slider 

  • 820w x 240h
  • $2000/mo or $670/wk
  • SOV: 20%

Eddie Sidebar

  • 250w x 300h
  • $450/mo or $150/wk
  • SOV: 50%

Ads are displayed on pages related to the Eddies (About Eddies , Schedule, Categories pages).

CinemaEditor (CE)

CE Home Slider 

  • 980w x 425h
  • $2750/mo or $920/wk
  • SOV 20%

CE Leaderboard (below slider) 

  • 980w x 125h
  • $1250/mo or $420/wk
  • SOV: 25%

CE Header (above slider) 

  • 728w x 90h
  • $750/mo or $335/wk
  • SOV: 33%

CE Home Sidebar 

  • 250w x 300h
  • $450/mo or $150/wk
  • SOV: 50%


  • Swaps are charged extra…ask for rate.
  • NO stat reporting or tracking data will be supplied.
  • No impressions or clicks are guaranteed.
  • Ads ONLY include posting of creative with one link.
  • Artwork must be .jpeg or .png, no animated ads.
  • Custom ad packages available upon request.
  • Monday is the start day of any flight (week or month).
  • Month Rate is for 4 consecutive weeks.
  • All info subject to change.

Creative Filesize maximums:

  • Sliders – 500k
  • Leaderboards – 300k
  • Banners – 300k
  • Sidebars – 300k

Please CONTACT US regarding any digital advertising inquiries.