ACE Committees

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We want our ACE members to get involved and make things happen!!! Please review our New and Established Committees and if you are interested in joining one, please submit the Sign Up form.

If you select a new committee, you will be contacted once there is enough interest. After that, a virtual kick off meeting will be held to discuss goals and activities. For established committees, the chairperson(s) will reach out as needs come up.

Also please feel free to suggest another committee if you have a great idea and see a need.  Your idea will be submitted to the ACE Board of Directors for approval.

NEW ACE Committees


We want to gather those interested in sharing their love of teaching the art and craft of film editing and bring awareness to the public. Some of the suggested goals of the committee could be the following:

•  Propose that this be a think tank for those that teach and want to share teaching plans/techniques/discussion topics

•  Create a directory of all colleges and universities that have filmmaking programs. Reach out to those schools to share ideas on bridging the gap between the academic world and the working industry of editing. Invite academic film teachers to a working cutting room. Seek and support diversity when building the school directory and contacts

• The committee could reach out to ACE members to create a roster of guest speakers for those interested in speaking at college and university classrooms

•  Catalog all books about film editing and create a working syllabus of recommended books to be used for classroom or individual study

•  Gather small groups of editors who can travel to various locations such as schools, specialty organizations or businesses to demonstrate some basic editing techniques and can explain workflow/working relationships

•  Invite small specialty groups to a demonstration of editing in a working cutting room and discuss the importance and complexity of editing.


•  The animation committee was envisioned as a venue for editors to gather and strategize how to demystify the art that is animation editing.

•  An educational program that reaches out to film students and lovers of the medium as well as the greater film making community is just one possible goal of the committee.


Looking for ACE members interested in creating social activities for more bonding and networking activities among our peers.

•  These events could be one-offs or regular events like a monthly golf outing, for example. With our membership at over 1000 lets create more opportunities for us to spend time together.

•  Social events could also introduce editors of differing genres to each other or honor editors of a certain genre like documentary or animation.

•  Could also create events to introduce/honor assistants.


Lets create a group to build a support system to help our members in need.

•  Lets offer help to those that suffer from illness or are elderly and are in need of any kind of support like needing a ride to the grocery store or a doctor. Or maybe someone just wants to have a friend to lunch with.

•  Lets be aware of our retired members living in the Motion Picture Home or other assisted living environments and plan regular visits, lunches, screenings to keep them connected to our ACE community.

•  We could offer our support to ACE family members too.


Let’s connect our ace members in NY to build an active east coast branch of ACE.

•  Join the list to help create opportunities/activities to build an active strong New York branch of ACE.
•  The aim is to organize a few in-person social events and/or conference call meetings to be held each year.


Let’s connect our ace members in London to build an active community of ACE.

Join the list to help create opportunities/activities to build an active London branch of ACE.

Established ACE Committees


Sign up for the current membership committee once you have been an ACE member for 5 years.  We aim for this committee to have editor representatives from diverse genres such as documentary, animation, non-scripted as well as long and short form scripted.

•  This committee interviews potential new members to ACE seeking our future ambassadors of ACE.

•  Membership committee also hosts an annual Welcome to ACE party to get to know our newest members



Sign up on the current Blue Ribbon committee list.  Several in-person and/or conference call meetings are held each year.  Please note there is a flurry of end of year activity as award season looms.

•  In keeping with our changing industry this committee updates/reviews rules and guidelines for the nomination and voting process of the Eddie awards. This includes a review of the previous year’s Eddie Award categories and an analysis of whether updates need to be implemented.

•  The committee also reviews all award submissions to make sure they qualify and are listed in the appropriate category.



Sign up to be on the list to join the brand new Welcome committee.

•  Mission statement: “To help create a multi-generational union between new and veteran members through mentorship and active engagement in ACE events.”

•  The Welcome program creates a “Big Brother/Big Sister” relationship between new and established members. New members who lack connections and may have missed the opportunity earlier in their careers, this program gives them access to an experienced and knowledgeable member to confide in and learn from. This is especially helpful for new members less familiar with the ACE community. Veterans offer guidance and share resources with the new member looking for a more nuanced and deeper understanding of the business and the craft.



Sign up to be on the list to join the current internship committee.

•  As space permits this committee seeks those who would like to be a part of the team to guide our young intern applicants and official ACE interns.

•  List your interest if you would like to be an individual mentor.

•  Sign up if you would like to offer up your cutting room to host an intern for a week to shadow your assistant. Rules and guidelines will be provided.



This committee researches and contacts organizations outside of the US which support editors with goals aligned with ACE values.

•  ACE is establishing a new class of membership, the International Affiliate, for individuals who meet our standards within their respective markets. This committee is currently developing the requirements for this class of membership, pending approval of the Board. The goal is to open communication and find areas of mutual interest and cooperation with fellow editors around the world.



If you have an idea for a new column or article for CinemaEditor Magazine, please write a short paragraph and we will run it by the CinemaEditor Staff  to see if it fits in with the upcoming issues. All writers and articles must be approved in advance, and writing samples are much appreciated.



Currently this amazing and successful committee’s capacity is full but updates will be posted on the website when that changes.

•  Our program’s mission statement: To help mentor young editors with the goal of them one day being ACE members. The program is open to men and women of all races, but the goal is to create a more diverse editing community that includes more women and minorities.

•  This program creates opportunities for aspiring editors to learn from senior editors with relevant experience in their area(s) of interest. Mentees are matched with mentors and fellow mentees based on professional goals and interests. Mentors offer guidance, share resources to support the mentee’s professional development and cultivate relationships between the mentors and mentees.