Becoming an ACE member

ACE Membership is by invitation only

The eligibility for active membership includes specific standards of qualification, such as number of years served as an accredited editor, quality of credits and personal caliber.  


The requirements to qualify for ACE membership are as follows:


1. Have at least 60 months of editing experience in features or television.
2. Send t
wo active ACE member letters of recommendation to our office (include your mailing address).
3. We mail you an application for membership to submit back to us.
4. Your application goes to the Board of Directors for approval.
5. Upon Board approval and acceptance by the general membership, you are invited to become a member.
6. An Initiation fee of $1500 is due at this time. Ongoing membership dues are $400/year.

Classifications of ACE Membership

Active ACE Members –  those currently working as editors.

Affiliate Members – those in a professional positions in the industry who do not yet qualify for active membership.

Life Members – retired members who have been voted a Life membership by the Board of Directors.

Honorary Members – non-editors who have distinguished themselves in the industry as determined by the Board of Directors.