ACE Active Membership & Application

ACE Active Membership is by invitation only. ACE represents the highest standards of character and achievement in the art and craft of film editing.

We also encourage a collegial spirit of participation and diversity in the ACE community, including a commitment to our shared goal of elevating the prestige, dignity and working conditions of all film editors. The ACE Membership Committee and the ACE Board of Directors.

Active Member Minimum Qualifications & Requirements 

Working editors (domestic or international) who have been sponsored and initiated as ACE members.

The editor must have been employed a minimum of 72 months as an editor of either feature-length motion pictures or television (one-half hour or more in length) for which they received screen credit in main or main end titles.

    • Shared credits in the MAIN TITLE and MAIN END TITLE count as full credits.
    • Associate Editor and Additional Editor credits do not count.
    • Non-Scripted and Animation credits may be calculated differently.
    • All credits are subject to peer review.
    • ACE does not accept credits on trailers, commercials, infomercials, news or live TV shows with an “editorial pass” to meet length or language requirements only.
    • We do not accept credits on films, TV or webisodes that air in a format shorter than 30 minutes, “the making of” videos, or “TV Specials” such as award shows.
    • Editors are encouraged to review their IMDB information and keep it up-to-date.

Application Fees & Dues

There is a non-refundable application fee of $50.  Once the application is submitted, a three-step process follows:

  • The applicants are interviewed in person by the ACE Membership Committee.
  • Approved applicants are recommended to the ACE Board of Directors.
  • Applicants recommended by the Board of Directors are submitted to the membership-at-large.
    (Members may submit a well founded objection for admission, within 30 days which are then reviewed by the Board.)`

Once membership is approved, there is a one-time initiation fee of $1500 (installments okay). Yearly dues are $400.

Life and Honorary Members 

Retired ACE members or non-editors who have distinguished themselves in the industry as voted by the Board of Directors.

The ACE Board of Directors also reserves the right to invite film editors of distinction directly to become ACE member.

Sponsoring a candidate for membership

One must be an ACTIVE ACE Member in good standing for three years before writing a sponsorship letter for a new member candidate. LIFE Members may also write sponsorship letters.

Sponsor one candidate per year

Members may only sponsor one candidate per year. Sponsorship letters must be current, dated within one year of the interview date. If more time has elapsed when the interview is scheduled, Membership Committee shall contact sponsor and ask them to renew and re-validate their endorsement.

Sponsorship guidelines

Each candidate for membership shall present two letters of sponsorship from ACTIVE or LIFE Members with first-hand knowledge of the applicant. We strongly recommend that, when possible, one letter be from an ACE member with whom the applicant has worked. Both letters must be at least 100 words in length.

If one of the two sponsors is related to the applicant, a third letter is required.

Start Active Member Application

After payment of $50 application fee, you will be immediately redirected to the application form.