ACE is very proud to support The Eric Zumbrunnen Fellowship.

Known to many as “EZ,” Eric Zumbrunnen graduated from USC with a degree in Journalism, and began his professional life in video post-production.  A proficient guitarist, his affinity for music informed his early work editing music videos. He developed close collaborative relationships with a few directors, and subsequently expanded into commercials for clients such as Nike, Xbox and Apple, and ultimately into feature films.  He perhaps most notably found his creative kindred spirit in director Spike Jonze. The pair’s harmonious, highly successful collaboration spanned two decades.


A member of American Cinema Editors since his first feature, Being John Malkovich which earned him an Eddie for Best Edited Feature Film (Comedy),  Eric brought his love of a good story well told to AdaptationWhere the Wild Things Are and  Her, as well as John Carter, for director Andrew Stanton.


In 2014, Eric Zumbrunnen co-founded Santa Monica and New York-based post-production company EXILE with partners Kirk Baxter, ACE, Matt Murphy and Carol Lynn Weaver.  Regarded as one of the most technically proficient editors of his era, one who approached editing with insight and eloquence, Eric valued the opportunity to learn from the gifted writers, directors and editors he worked with. While he held himself and his co-workers to a high standard, he was also committed to encouraging and mentoring other editors and would-be editors.

Read full tribute to Eric here


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Introducing the Third Eric Zumbrunnen Fellow,
Matthew Allen

Matt Allen currently serves as the 2nd Assistant editor on the Netflix feature film Sweet Girl with Matt Chessé ACE. He previously assisted Chessé on Disney’s Christopher Robin, and was an assistant editor with Jim May ACE on the recently released Bloodshot. Co-workers praise Matt as meticulous, untiring and versatile.
Matt realized he wanted to pursue a career as an editor while at Pepperdine University when he started editing his friends’ films and fell in love with the creative process. “It felt exciting to edit a scene because it was the first time the movie started to play like a movie.” He credits three films for really showing him the power of editing early on – The Limey, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby (all three versions), and Rear Window.
Following internships at LBC Radio in London, CBS Films, Voltage Pictures, and the Weinstein Company, Matt attended the American Film Institute Editing Program. One of his graduate capstone films played at the American Embassy in China.
Since then, he has edited commercials, music videos and short films. In his free time Matt enjoys seeing films at the American Cinematheque and film festivals.
Matt values the relationships forged during the process of making a film, and looks forward to taking full advantage of the opportunities afforded by the Eric Zumbrunnen fellowship to gain experience and mentorship that will help him succeed in his goal of becoming a full-time editor in Hollywood. “You have to give your best every day, you never know where you will make a difference.”

Neither a scholarship nor a grant, the Eric Zumbrunnen Fellowship harnesses the goodwill of American Cinema Editors, Adobe, Avid, Pix, Media Arts Lab and Eric’s friends and colleagues to provide our fellow with state of the art tools, hands-on opportunities, and the wisdom of many of the talented and experienced professionals Eric worked amidst.

We’re looking for someone:

            – who is currently working in post-production

            – who is dedicated to pursuing a career as an editor

            – who is based in, or planning to relocate to, Los Angeles, California

            – who is willing to put in their own time for meetings, screenings and mentor-assigned projects 

We will accept applications from November 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020, and notify candidates at the beginning of March 2020.  The fellowship is for a period of one year.

Application Information