EditFest – Award Winners, Blockbusters, Comic Books and more….


EditFest LA is soon approaching and this year’s lineup is an impressive array of ACE Eddie®, Oscar® and Emmy® winners and nominees. The legendary Arthur Schmidt (Back to the Future, Forrest Gump) and Oscar winner, Tom Cross (Whiplash) as well as editors of our favorite comic book blockbusters will be panelists. Don’t miss it!

Past EditFest Reviews:
“I found Edit Fest ridiculously compelling and educational… which I believe was the exact intention!”
Dan Katz, Editor

“Thanks again. Edit Fest NYC Rocked! …I went to last year’s Edit Fest in LA and was blown away on how great it was…. Just being able to talk to other editors and make connections, alone is worth the price of admission. Even people who find it hard to start up a conversation will find it very pleasing on how easy it is. Where else can you get this? And it’s for 2 days! What you get from this event makes the price virtually free. I really, really enjoyed my second time at Edit Fest and look forward to many others.”
Saleem Aziz, editor on The X Factor

“What an incredible experience the Edit Fest was. The DGA was a perfect location, the lunch was overly abundant and then there was the conference, which was nothing short of amazing. The presenters were first rate, their anecdotes were insightful and the moderators were able to keep things moving in an informative and humorous manner.” Leandra Reilly, Cablevision

“…At Edit Fest it’s all the ‘bits in between’ that are just as valuable as the panels and discussions. ” WOW, Thank you so much for a fantastic ACE event. Really inspiring connections and aspirational people. Wishing you well and very Well Done again for a pitch perfect event. …I will wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone I know. Be happy, Bridge x


Click image to view interview with Kevin Stitt, ACE, Jurassic World editor.