Oscar Nominees Luncheon, A Sore Subject

March 7, 2022

At the annual event for nominees and their guests, everyone was happy to be meeting face to face, but the plan to pretape several awards on Oscar night was a sore subject. An excerpt from https://www.nytimes.com

“I’m angry and disappointed,” said Joe Walker, who is nominated this year for editing “Dune.” His race is among the eight that will be presented before the show. “I think it’s a mistake,” he said.

“I think many, many people who are in the academy, in other branches, don’t understand what editing is,” said Walker’s guest, Mary Sweeney, who edited the films “Lost Highway” and “Mulholland Drive.”

Though the academy is shortening the show in an attempt to bring in younger viewers, Sweeney and Walker suggested that the TikTok and YouTube generation may be more well-versed in editing than they are given credit for.

“The interest in editing is rising all over the world,” Walker said. “I mean, the most inspirational cut I saw last year was in a TikTok!”