What’s New 2Q-2018

What’s New 2Q-2018


The following are excerpts of letters sent by Inner-City Filmmakers students that attended the 2018 Invisible Art/Visible Artists event

I walked in expecting to hear why a certain cut was made in this year’s nominations for best editing for a motion picture, but I learned WAY more than just that. One thing that really affected/inspired me was from Paul Machliss, ACE, and Jonathan Amos, ACE, which was that post-production doesn’t have to be a solitary art! And, that it can be just as invigorating as production itself! –Amir Malekpour, Class of 2017

Your event exceeded my expectations! As an individual aspiring to be a professional editor, it was amazing to hear advice from Oscar®-nominated editors and especially to get the chance to meet one of my favorite editors, Tatiana Riegel, ACE. –Jessica Decena, Class of 2016

The nominee panel was great! I really loved hearing how these amazing editors got to make these incredible movies. Hearing Johnathan Amos, ACE, share how long his journey took him to get to where he is today, was so refreshing!  I am only at the beginning of my career; seeing and hearing that not everyone had an easy way in, gives me so much hope. –Valentina Argueta, Class of 2015

I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving me and other ICF students the opportunity to help out at the IAVA event. We met so many wonderful editors. The editors on the panel shared their stories about how they got started in the industry, which was very inspiring. Some of them, like myself, came from very humble beginnings. It gives me hope that someday, I can be where they are today. –Cristhian Arias, Class of 2016

I learned so much about each editor’s experience and joy in editing these legendary films. I am extremely grateful that we were able to attend. I am an upand-coming film editor that loved every moment of hearing everyone speak. I was so moved by each of their stories and how they became the amazing editors they are now. I now feel like if I really push myself as hard as I can, I can become just as amazing as those editors.
Paul Machliss, ACE, said for rising filmmakers to not ever give up, to give it your all, and to never stop trying. I love how he said that. I completely agree. It’s sometimes challenging to break into the business but if I keep trying and NEVER give up, I do believe I will get there and make it. –Alyssa Briseno, Class of 2017

It was wonderful being able to have a one on-one conversation with Paul Machliss, ACE, and to hear all the valuable advice he had to share. I learned that going into an industry like this takes hunger and passion, not only luck. His kind words and willingness to spend a couple of minutes talking to me and sharing his experience is something I will never forget. I loved hearing what Tatiana Riegel, ACE, had to say and seeing how much of a talented and successful woman she is in the industry. She is such an inspiration to me and I felt so encouraged and motivated seeing what she has accomplished. The whole event was such a dream come true and I’m so grateful that I was given the opportunity to soak up as much information and knowledge as possible. –Stephannie Moreno, Class of 2017