Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool

Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool

I’m writing to invite you to take a look at Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool, a biography of Miles Davis, directed by Stanley Nelson.

I cut this film – with the help of my great team – and I think we’ve made something special. This week Insider and the Grammys agreed: the film is nominated for Best Music Film and on the list of “50 best movies of the year, so far.” It is so delightful to cut a film about a musician and be recognized by musicians for doing a great job. Hearing from the critics ain’t too shabby, either!

The film is streaming on the ACE Eddie portal of, on the Screeners app on AppleTV, and at a precious few theaters in Los Angeles and New York. I’d love for you to take a look.

I want to shout out my editing crew: Natasha Mottola, who really helped figure out the structure, really made sense of the emotional make up of the film. Yusuf Kapadia who came on fresh from college, swung hard (in a jazz sense, of course) and kept the cut moving and improving in subtle and powerful ways.

Stanley and I have made a lot of films together (over the last 20 years!), but we feel this one is head and (80’s Miles red, leather, padded) shoulders above the rest. (I’m sorry, that was too easy…).

I would so appreciate you giving Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool a look.

Thank you.

Lewis Erskine ACE