In Memoriam – Barry Malkin, ACE


3rd Qtr, 2019


Barry Malkin, ACE – a frequent collaborator with Francis Ford Coppola who was Oscar®-nominated for The Godfather Part III and The Cotton Club – passed away on April 4 after a long illness. He was at his home in New York with his wife, Stephanie, and daughter, Sacha. He was 80.

Malkin was born in New York on Oct. 26, 1938. He grew up in Queens where he was acquainted with Coppola when they were teenagers. After graduating from Adelphi University he sought a career based on his love of films. This began in 1962 when he became an apprentice to Dede Allen, ACE, on Elia Kazan’s America America.

While working there he met Aram Avakian, who hired him as his assistant while edited Robert Rossen’s Lilith. Malkin’s first full editing credit was in television on The Patty Duke Show, and he also edited Avakian’s Cops and Robbers. Through Avakian, Barry became reacquainted with Coppola who then hired him to edit The Rain People.

He went on to collaborate with Coppola on 11 films including The Godfather: Part II, for which he earned a BAFTA® nomination. He then went on to earn Oscar nominations for The Godfather Part III, which he edited along with Walter Murch, ACE, and Lisa Fruchtman, ACE, and The Cotton Club, which he edited with Robert Q. Lovett, ACE.

Malkin also edited TV miniseries The Godfather Saga, for which he structured the first two films into the correct chronological order and included scenes that were not in the original films. On Apocalypse Now Malkin became an additional editor and was supervising editor when Coppola produced Hammett, directed by Wim Wenders. Malkin also edited Coppola’s Rumble Fish, The Rainmaker, Gardens of Stone and Peggy Sue Got Married.

Additional editing credits include Big for Penny Marshall, The Freshman for Andrew Bergman, Four Friends for Arthur Penn and Last Embrace for Jonathan Demme. On May 1, nearly 100 friends, family and former colleagues gathered for a celebration of Malkin’s life, which began with a poignant speech by Coppola, who shared stories from his and Malkin’s childhood in Queens, regaling guests with untold stories about the playground antics of two 14 year olds playing hoops in the neighborhood.

Said Coppola, “I think the evening after our preview of Godfather II, the over 120 changes I made on a finished movie were executed through the night by Barry Malkin, without code numbers, [and] was the most amazing demonstration of editorial skill that I have ever seen. Film going from room to room on the floor and into synchronizer machines since there were no code numbers on the mixed mag track, was actually impossible, but Barry did it.” He added, “Barry was a brilliant man of integrity with a tireless work ethic.

He was a boyhood friend who became my most trusted collaborator.” Dorian Harris, ACE, remembered Malkin
as, “…an ever-curious world traveler, voracious reader, passionate jazz enthusiast and true-blue Yankees fan.” In lieu of flowers donations may be made in Malkin’s name to the Southern Poverty Law Center or The Neediest Cases Fund-NY Times. –Jack Tucker, ACE