Big Love For the Small Screen

If there was any doubt that editing for television occupies the king’s portion of post-production work, one only need look at the roster of Emmy®nominations. A whopping seven separate categories are reserved for editing alone from Outstanding Short-Form Picture Editing to Outstanding Picture Editing for a Special (single or multi-camera). This year, a slew of ACE members received Emmy®nominations for their peerless efforts in comedy, reality, drama, non-fiction and promos.

More and more editors are achieving greater creative influence in television. Editors like Dean Holland, Stephen Semel, A.C.E., Andrew Seklir, A.C.E., and Randy Roberts, A.C.E., have not only made impressive waves as editors, but have delved into producing and directing.  In many cases, these individuals work concurrently as editors and in another professional capacity on a series.

There is a rich playground of inventiveness on television that rivals film, and this issue profiles a handful of exquisite reasons why our DVRs are always at maximum capacity. Friday Night Lightsis lovingly mourned after five great seasons and freshmen seriesSuitsrushes the fraternity that is USA Network programming. The bizarre, yet accessible, worlds of Communityand Fringeare explored with candor and humor. Plus, “Who’s on First?” profiles its first-ever assistant editor on a TV series—Cougar Town’s John Mullin.

Sadly, one of television’s great editors passed away last spring. Ralph Schoenfeld, A.C.E., helped realize some of TV’s classic series like The Beverly Hillbillies, Hart to Hart, The Incredible Hulk(1978-1982), Lassie and The Six Million Dollar Man. Ralph is touchingly eulogized by his wife in this issue’s “In Memoriam.”

May you revel in the giant splendor of the small screen throughout the entire issue. Good luck to all the Emmy®-nominated editors on the night of September 18, and another good luck to everyone starting up work again on the new fall season.

–Walter Fernandez Jr.