Jason Bourne

Qtr 2, 2016

“Remembering everything doesn’t mean you know everything.” Director Paul Greengrass, editor Christopher Rouse, ACE, and star Matt Damon return to Bourne nine years after The Bourne Ultimatum, for which Rouse won the best film editing Oscar® and an ACE Eddie Award.

rouse_Testimony to the integral role which Rouse has played in developing the franchise since boarding the series with The Bourne Supremacy, and also to his tight creative partnership with Greengrass which began with Supremacy and continued through United 93, Green Zone and Captain Phillips, the editor has also, unusually, taken a co-writing credit for this project. He shares the screenplay with Greengrass, based on characters created by Robert Ludlum.

“Paul and I had written together on previous projects in different ways,” Rouse explains. “For some time we’d talked about collaborating on a project from scratch. We spitballed a lot of ideas over the years, but never settled on anything.

“A couple of years ago I told Paul and Matt that I thought we might be able to come up with a new Bourne film. Paul was skeptical as to whether there was a film to be had, but Matt encouraged me to pursue it. So I started sketching out some ideas. “The three of us kept talking while I tried some stuff, and I guess what I’d come up with persuaded them enough to move forward.

Then Paul and I jumped in together and began digging…” The result is Jason Bourne, the next chapter of Universal Pictures’ gritty action franchise which finds the CIA’s most lethal former operative drawn out of the shadows.

Damon is joined by Alicia Vikander, Vincent Cassel and Tommy Lee Jones, while Julia Stiles reprises her role in the series. Frank Marshall again produces alongside Jeffrey Weiner for Captivate Entertainment, and Greengrass, Damon, Gregory Goodman and Ben Smith also produce.