Message from ACE Executive Director

Thank you, ACE

WOW! It is hard to believe but, I’m celebrating my 20-year anniversary with American Cinema Editors, and without a moment’s hesitation, I can say it’s been an astonishing journey.

I found my way to this strange position by way of answering a classified ad in The Hollywood Reporter, “50-year-old association of editors seeks part-time administrative assistant.” I imagined ACE was more like a Friars Club I suppose, with fez hats and cigars, but thankfully I was mistaken.

Editors, as a type, are an incredibly interesting group. I frequently like to say you’re the perfect combination of artist and film-nerd. I don’t have the skill or patience to do your work, but I’ve never tired of hearing about your creative process and cutting room experiences. Your passion for storytelling is what guides each and every one of you and it inspires me to support your craft.

When I was sitting down to write this letter, I reviewed my old notes and emails from the past two decades and I was pleased that I could honestly say that the number one factor in ACE’s continued success is the people that made the last 20 years possible. I’ve met many of my film heroes and they’ve become my friends. I’ve had the privilege of serving under six amazing presidents and worked with dozens of incredible board and committee members, and each time I get to meet the latest members and interns I feel excited to meet my newest lifelong friends.

Together, we’ve been able to celebrate the editors’ successes with awards, tributes, seminars, as well as provide education and other career services. This helps me feel fulfilled with the services I have the joy to perform. Your support, empathy and unwavering belief that ACE is capable of achieving great things in support of its mission have been a challenge that I constantly strive to meet.

Of course, it goes without saying, I couldn’t do any part of my job alone. I’d like to thank my predecessor for giving me the handbook in making my work successful, and my first ACE Board for taking the long shot by hiring me. Since then, the office staff has ballooned from just me alone at my desk, to a much bigger but incredibly supportive team of office, publicity, marketing, design, writing, editing and volunteer personnel, without whom nothing would be possible.

I’d like to list everyone by name, but it will be better to spare you the list of hundreds. I’m honored and humbled that you’ve stuck with me all this time, and I promise that in the 20 years ahead, I’ll strive to deliver even better work. Thank you for these remarkable years of warmth, friendship and support and I hope you’ll keep holding me to your high standards.

With deep love and appreciation, –Jenni McCormick