EditFest Los Angeles

August 12th, 2017
Disney Studios in Burbank, CA

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EditFest LA Panelists

ACE is very pleased to announce:

The EditFest Los Angeles “One on One Panel” will be with Richard Chew, ACE

Richard Chew, Los Angeles, California, is known for his work on:

Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977)

I Am Sam (2001)

The Conversation (1974)


Additional  panelists will be listed at a later date.

Please check back!

“I found Edit Fest ridiculously compelling and educational… which I believe was the exact intention!”

Dan Katz, Editor


“What an incredible experience the Edit Fest was. The DGA was a perfect location, the lunch was overly abundant and then there was the conference, which was nothing short of amazing. The presenters were first rate, their anecdotes were insightful and the moderators were able to keep things moving in an informative and humorous manner.”
Leandra Reilly, Cablevision


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