Eddie Nominee Submissions

Submission Categories
Best Edited Feature Film (Dramatic)
Best Edited Feature Film (Comedy)
Best Edited Animated Feature Film
Best Edited Animated Series
Best Edited  Documentary (Feature)
Best Edited Documentary (Non-Theatrical)
Best Edited Variety Talk/Sketch Show or Special
Best Edited Multi-Camera Comedy Series
Best Edited Single Camera Comedy Series
Best Edited Drama Series
Best Edited Limited Series
Best Edited Motion Picture (Non-Theatrical)
Best Edited Non-Scripted Series


Submission Rules

  1. All entries must be submitted via this system.
  2. More than one entry per category is allowed.
  3. Only the credited upfront editors will be considered for nomination. Additional, back-end, and assistant editors are not eligible.
  4. You have the option to review, change or add submission(s) before deadline.

Television entries must have aired between Jan 1 – Dec 31 and Feature Films must have been released between Mar 1 – Dec 31.


Member Submission Process

  1. Gather info: title, episode title & number, air date, production or distribution company, editor(s) &
  2. Check for Member Coupon Code in email for member discount.
  3. Click on “Start Submission” button above or on web page link sent in member email.
  4. Register in Eddie Submission system & click Start.
  5. After entries are complete, go to “Cart” and enter Member Coupon Code for free submission (sent in email).
  6. Submit (you may review or change prior to deadline).
  7. You may ask your production company to share digital screeners with voting members through ACE screener submission platform as instructed in the Digital Screener Submission section below.

Non-Member Submission Process

  1. Count up TOTAL number of entries ($190 each).
  2. Gather info: title, episode title & number, air date, production or distribution company, editor(s). 
  3. Click “Begin Submission(s)” button below.
  4. Register in Eddie Submission system & click Start.
  5. After entries are complete, you will be prompted to select a payment method.
  6. Submit (you may review or change prior to deadline).
  7. To upload digital screener (optional) for voting members to view, see instructions in the Digital Screener section below.

Adding a Screener (video upload process)

ACE has partnered with Indee to launch a new screener website for viewing videos of submissions. In order for your project to be seen by members as well as non-members, it must be uploaded and shared via the Indee site. Adding a video is NOT mandatory for “nomination submissions”.

  1. Multiple videos for a title must be uploaded together.
  2. A screening fee will be charged based on digital security preferences and number of videos.
  3. Gather any needed assets, graphics (video image, poster), video file, title, description, etc.
  4. To begin video upload process, click here: SUBMIT SCREENER>>
  5. Once on the Indee site, click on the “Get Started” button to begin the upload.

Once the nominees are decided, all nominated content must upload video(s) for screening through our ACE screener platform at Indee.

NOTE: Networks and studios are asked to submit in only one category.  The ACE Blue Ribbon Committee that presides over television entries reserves the right to change a submission category as it sees fit. Special, self-contained episodes that are not part of the series narrative, such as Holiday specials, should be submitted in the TV Movie/Miniseries category.

It is our hope that this adjustment to the television series categories will help reflect the vast landscape of outstanding offerings on the small screen.  Separating the comedy and drama categories will allow for a more expansive and varied selection of nominees, and increasing the number of nominees in each category will highlight even more editors’ indelible contributions to the television medium.” ACE Board of Directors