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ACE Board Message

In Memoriam
     Marty Cohen
     Mort Fallick, ACE

2nd Quarter, 2020



A Message from the ACE Board

We are living through unprecedented times, which are having a devastating impact on our industry. Though most production remains shut down as this issue goes to press, some post-production continues with the aid of available technol- ogy, enabling a portion of our membership to continue working remotely from home (see story, p. 24). But for most, future projects have been put on an indefinite hold, with the startup dates uncertain.

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Science fi ction limited series Devs has a bigger picture on its mind than the machinations of a spy thriller. Made for FX and premiered on Hulu, the eight-part Silicon Valley-set drama poses philosophical questions such as whether the future is preordained or do we have moral responsibility for our actions.
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With social distancing and shelter-in-place orders amid COVID-19, editors have, by necessity, taken work home. In fact, Andrew Seklir, ACE, says his editorial rental company, A Frame Post, alone installed roughly 50 home systems as work was beginning to shut down last March.
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David Fincher masterminded Netflix’s launch into original TV drama as director of House of Cards’ first two episodes and executive producer of all 65 to the end of season five. Could he repeat the same critical acclaim with Mindhunter, a Netflix series about serial killers?   read more…


It was early September 2019. Netflix had made clear to Doug Abel, ACE, and the team of editors at Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness that they needed the series locked by the end of the month in order to be ready for air in early January. read more…