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Our website gets an average of 20K visitors a month and about 200K impressions per month. ACE currently has over 30,000 social media followers (Facebook & Twitter). ACE members are the industry’s most prominent award-winning editors, producers and directors including Thelma Schoonmaker, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Ron Howard, Martin Scorsese, Robert Zemeckis, and James Cameron.

In addition to ACE members and CinemaEditor Magazine subscribers, the ACE website is visited by many other editors, sound editors, assistant editors, film students, film academics, post-production supervisors, production and post-production executives, studio executives, agents, managers, and post facility engineers and artists.

Print & Digital Advertising in Cinema Editor Magazine
CinemaEditor Magazine print edition is available on newsstands, and is found in the top editing suites across the globe. Both print and online editions are provided to ACE members and subscribers. For more information about print advertising, please contact Peter Zackary.

ACE Program Sponsorships
Advertising and sponsorship dollars help ACE continue its mission of elevating the art of editing and advancing the post-production community with programs like the ACE Student Internship and Student Editing Competition. ACE programs include EditFest, Invisible Art/Visible Artists and ACE Tech Day…events that connect editors in person and online internationally as well as offer opportunities for dialogue and feedback to both experienced and emerging artists. Please contact us for more information about these sponsorships.

Digital Advertising Opportunities

Sliders (sizes vary)

Large Ads that take up the majority of the first fold of the page.  These Sliders are on an automated rotation that allows each slider to spend time in the “first to be displayed” position. Each Slide is displayed for approx. 6 seconds before the next slide appears, and the rotation is on a loop.

SOV: approx 100%  each slide is displayed in the loop with every impression.
Number of Sliders Available: 5each/month

ACE Homepage Slider (1450w x 575h) – $3000/mo

CE Magazine Slider (980w x 430h) – $2750/mo

ACE Home Page Slider

CinemaEditor Magazine Slider

Super Leaderboards (970w x 125h)

SOV: 50%
Number of Leaderboards Available: 2 each/month

ACE Homepage Super Leaderboard – $1500/mo
CE Magazine Super Leaderboard
 – $1500/mo

Leaderboards (728w x 90h)

SOV: 50%
Number of Leaderboards Available: 2 each/month

CE Magazine Leaderboard – $1000/mo
Eddie Pages Leaderboard – $1000/mo

EditFest Pages Leaderboard – $1000/mo
Student Pages Leaderboard – $1000/mo

(top) CE Magazine Leaderboard
(bottom) CE Magazine Super Leaderboard

Eddies Pages Leaderboard

Sidebar Ads (250w x 250h)

Sidebar ads are medium rectangles rotated so that all ads are evenly displayed in “top” positions. Six ads are displayed per impression. Displayed on pages, articles, posts that include sidebars.

SOV: 100%
Number of Sidebar Ads Available: 6/month

CE Sidebar Ads – $400/mo
Eddie Sidebar Ads – $400/mo
EditFest Sidebar Ads – $400/mo
Student Sidebar Ads – $400/mo

FULL COVERAGE Sidebar Package:
Sidebar Ad will be displayed throughout site – $1200/mo

CinemaEditor Sidebar Ads
Displayed on main CE Page and ALL post/articles pages

Eddies Awards Pages Sidebar Ads
Displayed on all Eddie-Related Pages

Featured Banner Ad Packages*

*Custom packages are also available upon request. For inquiries regarding digital advertising please contact:

Platinum Package

1 Homepage Slider
1 CE Page Slider
FULL Coverage:
4 Leaderboards
4 Sidebar Ads

Gold Package

1 Homepage Slider
1 CE Slider
2 Leaderboards
FULL Coverage:
4 Sidebar Ads

Silver Package

2 Super Leaderboards
2 Leaderboards
FULL Coverage:
4 Sidebar Ads

Bronze Package

2 Leaderboards
FULL Coverage:
4 Sidebar Ads

Sponsored Articles for the CinemaEditor Online Magazine*

*All submissions are subject to review and approval by an ACE Admin.
Please contact us if you would like to work together to create content for the ACE site:

Email Blasts & Social Media Mentions*

*At this time, neither of these options are available for purchase a la carte.
However, they are included in Event Sponsorship Packages. If you would like to learn about our many Sponsorship Opportunities, please email:

Additional Advertising Information:

Send marketing/advertising inquiries to

  1. NO STATS REPORTING – no tracking data will be supplied.
  2. No impressions or clicks are guaranteed.
  3. Purchase of ads ONLY includes: posting of creative/ad and a corresponding url/link.
  4. Creative must be static images, jpegs preferred – no animated gifs or flash.
  5. Custom ad packages available upon request.
  6. Ads are sold in the following increments: 2 weeks, 30 days, 90 days