ACE Tech day has been cancelled.

Advances in editorial hardware and software continue to change, improve and upgrade. ACE Tech Day is an on-going event designed to help keep ACE Members up-to-date and in touch with the latest tools, workflows and formats. It’s a continually changing landscape and ACE Tech Day is one way to help keep you prepared for whatever challenges are thrown your way on your next project.

The Adobe / ACE Tech Day was Saturday, 6/16 at the Chaplin Theater, in Raleigh Studios. Van Bedient of Adobe moderated the presentation. Along with a few demonstrations of Premiere Pro, there were the following important points:

– Adobe offer free one-on-one Premiere Pro training for ACE members. That is free.

– For technical support, ACE members have a specific email address to make requests. It is

These are two pretty fantastic offers.

Van will follow up with more information on the latest features and product development. The latest version of Premiere Pro has their version of bin locking, which will allow editors to share projects. And they have a very cool way to display and work in two timelines at once.

Also presenting were Tyler Nelson (editor) and Billy Peake (assistant editor) from the Netflix series Mindhunter, who showed a program that they developed for integrating all sources of metadata into one database. It is called Dispatch, and will be integrated into the movie/tv screening website PIX System. With ScriptE, lab, script, and camera information can be used to create the database, rename and group clips in Premiere Pro.

Harry​ Miller, ACE

ACE and Adobe invite ACE members an their assistants to learn about new advancements in Adobe video tools that are making it the solution of choice for feature film and TV editors.`

This event is only for ACE members and their assistants and is free of charge.

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