ACE by Rachel Schreibman

Last year at this time, I was packing my bags for EditFest NY. I was just an aspiring college student with more passion for post than I could contain. EditFest was the step that showed me that there were others with as much exuberance as I had. It also led me to learn more about ACE and their amazing endeavors in the industry as well as education.

Come mid July, I will be done with my union days and on my way towards the roster. I cannot express what a whirlwind these past couple of months have been for me, most importantly through the ACE Internship. But I believe it all started when I went to EditFest. For that, I thank you and everyone over at ACE for sharing your love for editing with me. I hope I can continue to help in that tradition come August when EditFest comes to LA.

–Rachel Schreibman
ACE Intern, 2011