ACE Internship Program


2016 ACE Internship Recipients

     Benjamin Murphy – University of Tennessee
     Gretchen Schroeder – University of Miami

ACE Internship Application
Thank you for your interest…the application period has ended.
In order to apply you must have a desire to work as an assistant editor with the goal of ultimately becoming a motion picture or television editor. Those accepted will be paid a stipend for part of the program. This program is in the Los Angeles, California area. 


  1. Be a recent college graduate (bachelor or master, trade school degree also acceptable). Your graduation should be no more than 2-3 years prior to application period.
  2. Be a US resident with a valid work permit (currently international applications are not be accepted)
  3. Live in Los Angeles from the day of the selection interview until the completion of the program (6 weeks starting in January and ending in February) and be ready to move permanently to Los Angeles after the completion of the program.
  4. Have a strong working skill level in Avid as well as Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro.
  5. Members of the Motion Pictures Editor’s Guild are NOT eligible.

Your application must include:

  • A personal letter telling us why you are the right candidate for the internship program (no more than two pages).
  • Your resume (one page only).
  • Two letters of recommendation (one page each).
  • Do NOT include any DVDs of films you have edited or other material.

An entry fee of $100 must be paid first. After payment, you will be redirected to the Internship Application Form for submission of your documents.

The ACE Office only accepts applications between August 1st and September 30th of each year. Applications arriving before August 1st or later than September 30th will not be considered.

In October, up to 10 finalists will be informed if they will be a finalist for the program and must be available for an in-person interview in early January. The internship program starts immediately in January, and runs to the end of February.

If you prefer, you may mail your payment with your personal letter, resume and recommendations to:
(Please mail unstapled, NO Hand Delivery)

American Cinema Editors
Bldg 9128 Suite 260
Universal City CA 91608
Attention: Carsten Kurpanek, ACE-Internship Program

The Structure of the Internship Program emphasizes assistant picture editing. The program includes:

  • Attending the Lecture Series
  • During orientation (which begins the day of the in-person interviews), interns will be assigned the editing rooms where they shadow assistant editors
  • Observing work in a variety of editing venues that include Scripted Television, Features, and Reality TV
  • Exploring post production facilities: the lab, telecine room, VFX house, sound effects and music editing rooms, ADR and dub stages.

These offer the opportunity to observe the different styles and requirements of each room and see what the assistant editor is expected to deliver to each venue or facility during the making of their project. It is an opportunity for interns to absorb, question, compare and contrast what they’ve learned both in school and on the job. During these visits and outside of the structured internship there are many opportunities to network with current or past interns, assistant editors, editors and other filmmakers.

Before and after the program, the Internship Committee meets with the interns to prepare, encourage, and mentor them. Accepted interns are expected to:

  • Email a daily journal to their assigned mentor (an ACE member) recapping what they have learned each day of the program.
  • Work at the ACE Blue Ribbon Panel screenings (running screenings and other tasks) where the ACE members vote for films nominated for an Eddie Award.
  • Be a guest of ACE at the Eddie nominee cocktail party where the interns will receive their plaques of participation.
  • Be a guest of ACE for the Eddie Awards and black-tie banquet
  • Work at the Invisible Art, Visible Artist event (where a panel of the current Oscar nominees screen sequences from their films) the day prior to the Academy Award.
  • Help host a thank-you dinner sponsored by ACE for all editors, assistants and post personnel who participated in the Internship Program.
  • Write an article for the ACE Cinema Editor Magazine describing his or her experience.

It is also expected that ACE interns will return the following year to participate in the orientation of the new interns. This helps foster the basic ideology of mentoring. The ACE Internship Program is sponsored by the NAB Show and due to the generosity of our benefactors at NAB we are able to offer a stipend to the participants.

The Lecture Series – The ACE Program begins with a seminar which ALL applicants are invited to attend (the cost for this seminar is included in the application fee). It takes place in January, and consists of four separate panels of Editors and Assistant Editors with a wide variety of experience in features to reality.

The lecture topics are:

Lecture #1
Getting Started, Etiquette in the cutting room, Protocol, and Skills
Lecture #2
Assisting in TV and Features: From Dailies to Online
Lecture #3
ACE Editors: How We Got Our Breaks
Lecture #4
Editors / Assistants in Reality TV: An Insiders View

Over the past few years, we have hosted the panels with some wonderful and talented ACE editors, including: Angus Wall, Mary Jo Markey, Pam Wise, Matt Chessé, Stephen Mirrione, Steve Rivkin, John Refoua, Bonnie Koehler, Briana London, Susanne Malles, Alan Heim, Michael Tronick, Maysie Hoy, Tina Hirsch, Mark Goldblatt, Diana Friedberg, Troy Takaki, Stephen Lovejoy, Chris Cooke, Hunter Via, Tom Cross, Fred Raskin, Alan Bell, Dody Dorn, Maryann Brandon, Dan Lebentaland many more.

The ACE Internship Program gives an opportunity to talented and highly motivated University Graduates who wish to pursue a career in post-production motion picture and TV editorial.

Each year, American Cinema Editors selects two applicants for its ACE Internship Program. Interns are placed, for one week each, in a feature, scripted television and reality television 175editorspanelediting room. Interns will also visit numerous post-production vendors and facilities involved with the completion of movies and TV shows. During the program interns will shadow working assistant editors, observe and take notes about the various tasks and methods of each venue and thus gain valuable insights into their first step into the industry.

Interns are paid a stipend for a four-week period. The internship continues beyond this paid period and applicants are expected to remain in Los Angeles to pursue their career while fulfilling other expected duties and events.

Each intern goes through an orientation process and is assigned a personal mentor from ACE as well as a big sister or brother who is a graduate from our internship program. These practices help to maintain a quality of behavior and performance within the confines of each editing room or facility. Applicants should be adaptable and willing to fit into different work environments.

The ACE internship program was created in the early 1990’s by William Gordean, ACE, and has been directed by Lori Jane Coleman, ACE, and co-chaired by Diana Friedberg, ACE for nearly two decades. As of 2015, the internship program is chaired by Carsten Kurpanek and co-chaired by Tyler Nelson, both ACE intern alumni. The program has been carefully streamlined through the years to guarantee that the rules of each studio, production, and editing room are met.

ACE Intern alumni have becomes successful assistant editors and some have made the jump to editor, e.g. Hunter Via, ACE (The Walking Dead, The Mist), Mark Hartzell (True Blood, Resurrection, Scream) and Julia Wong, ACE (Good Luck Chuck, Red Riding Hood, Hercules). This success is due to the practical experience, networking opportunities, and professional insights these budding editors receive while attending the program.

As of 2014, NAB has been sponsoring the program and the ACE office will be able to offer a stipend to each intern so that we can support a paid internship program. This program has also been sanctioned by the Motion Picture Editors Guild.