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EditFest London and EditFest Los Angeles provide a rare opportunity to hear top-level film and television editors  share their insights and experiences with colleagues, post production professionals, students, content creators, production execs, and those who love the art and craft of editing in an intimate setting. The day presents a rare opportunity to listen to world-class artists then mingle with them over lunch and at a post-conference cocktail reception. EditFest is designed for professional as well as aspiring editors, post production team members, students, content creators, production execs, and those who simply love the art and craft of editing.

ACE launched EditFest in 2008 in Los Angeles in response to a need to put the industry’s top editors in conversation with other editors and post-production professionals. By popular demand EditFest London was added to the schedule in 2013. This highly anticipated annual event, will expand to additional cities in the future.

“The Edit Fest tour is one of the best opportunities I know of to meet some of the world’s top film and TV editors, and their assistants, face-to-face. It’s also a brilliant opportunity to meet a room full of other editors and assistants who might not be on the panel, but are working just as hard in their own spheres. At Edit Fest it’s all the ‘bits in between’ that are just as valuable as the panels and discussions. ” www.premiumbeat.com


EDITFEST REVIEWS_____________________________________________________________

“WOW, Thank you so much for a fantastic ACE event on Saturday. The morning panel was amazing – my fave clips were ‘The Trip’ and ‘Fire in the Night’ plus the talk brought up some interesting things.

“…See the funny man say the funny thing…” Thank you Mark Everson. Comedy is my passion so I was thrilled to see you.

Aaaagghh my eyes! Sorry Tim Porter I had to look away… A beautiful choreographed scene skillfully woven up until that point.

The moment you fell in love with editing… Thank you Stephen Ellis …me too, it was 1991 and I felt like I’d come home, a real heartfelt connection that has never left me.

Mags, a seamless confection of laughs despite your concerns for continuity. Your first clip set the mood for the day – funny, warm, surprising and generous.

As for the afternoon – what a treat! ‘Super 8’ and Toy Story 3 were my fave clips both were funny, human, moving and truthful. Loved them and have a crush on Mary Jo and Ken equally. And so nice to talk to them too. As for Alan Heim – whatthe****?! He slammed it with his talk. The sound of jaws dropping as he waxed lyrical about his collaborations with Fosse and Lumet. And the clips! Breathtakingly bold and inventive. Loved them, loved him. He was very encouraging – a real gent and an asset.

Really inspiring connections and aspirational people. Overall I left thinking just how lovely editors are – Mark Day agreed and asked me what would a collection of editors be called? I replied ‘a giggle of editors’.

Thank You! Glad we got to meet finally after all these years. Wishing you well and very Well Done again for a pitch perfect event. I will wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone I know. A copy of Cinema Editor arrived today which was a total surprise and I am totally delighted with it.
Thanking you kindly Jenni. Be happy, Bridge x


“What an incredible experience the Edit Fest was. The DGA was a perfect location, the lunch was overly abundant and then there was the conference, which was nothing short of amazing. The presenters were first rate, their anecdotes were insightful and the moderators were able to keep things moving in an informative and humorous manner.”Editfest1
Leandra Reilly, Cablevision


“I found Edit Fest ridiculously compelling and educational… which I believe was the exact intention!
Dan Katz, Editor


“Thanks again. Edit Fest NYC Rocked! This was one event that was as BIG as THE BIG APPLE! I went to last year’s Edit Fest in LA and was blown away on how great it was. This time it was no different just a different city.

The caliber of editors that sat on each panel was amazing. I’m really glad ACE has decided to keep this event around and not just in LA but expanded it to the east coast. I can’t stress how much of a great opportunity this is to meet and greet so many editors, which otherwise would never happen, that’s why this event needs to be around forever! Edit Fest is also not just about the great editors on the panel either it’s about meeting other editors! You’d be surprised who you run into at the cocktail party or the wrap party that are just attendants. Anywhere from ACE board members to assistants in all aspects of editing. Meeting these different types of people might just change your life!

Just being able to talk to other editors and make connections, alone is worth the price of admission. Even people who find it hard to start up a conversation will find it very pleasing on how easy it is. Where else can you get this? And it’s for 2 days! What you get from this event makes the price virtually free. I really, really enjoyed my second time at Edit Fest and look forward to many others.”
Peace and Blessings, Saleem Aziz, editor on The X Factor


“At EditFest I met a lot of wonderful people, but among them was Brandi Bradburn. She was kind enough to let me know of any Assistant openings she heard about, and one of those was a position at Knight Rider. It was a union position, so unfortunately Richard Winnie told me that I couldn’t be hired. However he held on to my resume, and kindly thought of me again when a Post Coordinator position came up at another NBC show, The Philanthropist.

The latest turn of events was that they needed an extra pair of Assistant Editor hands on the show, and since I have the experience and knew the show, they wanted me to help out. Once again, Richard Winnie came to my rescue and managed to get a waiver from the union to work on the show in Editorial for a couple of weeks. And that is why Editfest was just about the best way to start a career here in Los Angeles, and I have you to thank Jenni!! ”
All the best, Sandra


“This is a wonderful resource for editors to share with other aspiring, working, or just curious editors their story and their work. One of the great things about this event is that it’s a great opportunity for networking or just being able to converse with editors whose work you admire. It’s a real big deal. It’s like a actor meeting there favorite actor/actress or a musician meeting there favorite musician. This event needs to continue every year it’s kind of like an editors own Comic-Con.

This event served the needs for people who love editing, want to get tips on editing or just share tips with other editors. It also allows other editors to meet one another. Editors are always trapped in a box in which they don’t get to meet other editors. So maybe someone working in TV who wants to get into Film can come to Edit Fest and meet those Film editors and vice verse. To make a long story short thanks.

I never would have figured out on my own how to get in contact with all these editors. I’m from out of town and it’s hard to get your foot in the door but with edit fest you meet so many great people it’s hard not to come out on top.”
You are the best Jenni! Peace and Blessings, Saleem