ACE EditFest, 2014

A Thank You from EditFest London 6/21/14…

“WOW, Thank you so much for a fantastic ACE event on Saturday. The morning panel was amazing – my fave clips were ‘The Trip’ and ‘Fire in the Night’ plus the talk brought up some interesting things.

“…See the funny man say the funny thing…” Thank you Mark Everson. Comedy is my passion so I was thrilled to see you.

Aaaagghh my eyes! Sorry Tim Porter I had to look away… A beautiful choreographed scene skillfully woven up until that point. The moment you fell in love with editing…

Thank you Stephen Ellis …me too, it was 1991 and I felt like I’d come home, a real heartfelt connection that has never left me.

Mags, a seamless confection of laughs despite your concerns for continuity. Your first clip set the mood for the day – funny, warm, surprising and generous.

As for the afternoon – what a treat! ‘Super 8′ and Toy Story 3 were my fave clips both were funny, human, moving and truthful. Loved them and have a crush on Mary Jo and Ken equally. And so nice to talk to them too.

As for Alan Heim – whatthe****?! He slammed it with his talk. The sound of jaws dropping as he waxed lyrical about his collaborations with Fosse and Lumet. And the clips! Breathtakingly bold and inventive. Loved them, loved him. He was very encouraging – a real gent and an asset.

Really inspiring connections and aspirational people. Overall I left thinking just how lovely editors are – Mark Day agreed and asked me what would a collection of editors be called? I replied ‘a giggle of editors’.

Thank You! Glad we got to meet finally after all these years. Wishing you well and very Well Done again for a pitch perfect event. I will wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone I know.

A copy of Cinema Editor arrived today which was a total surprise and I am totally delighted with it.
Thanking you kindly Jenni. Be happy, Bridge x

200EditfestLAEditFest LOS ANGELES
August 2nd, 2014
Universal Studios
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

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